Q & A

Born: In San Jose, CA, to human parents.

Watched: So much Looney Tunes, and everything Jim Carrey.

Played: Junior hockey in Canada. Also the guitar.

Does voices for: Animation (DreamWorks, Disney XD, Warner Bros., Netflix, Amazon), video games (Telltale, Rockstar, Valve, Insomniac), commercials, promos, narration, ADR and IVR.

Does faces for: ABC, ABC, and Freeform… which is owned by ABC.

Training: LAMDA, Boston University.

Most likely to be drinking: Iced almond milk latte from Paramount Coffee Project.

Most likely to be viewing: Elvis the French Bulldog’s Insta story.

Lives in: Los Angeles.

Way too emotionally invested in: The San Jose Sharks.

Realizes that: Los Angeles is the #1 worst place for a San Jose Sharks fan to live.

Best combo: Movie theater popcorn and a Sprite.

Worst combo: Bees and Macaulay Culkin.

Pet peeves: Humble braggers, Nazis, and long bios.